About The Pod

Positive vibes will lead you to a positive and successful life. However, that will not just happen overnight. Like Will Smith said "Lay one brick at a time until you have a wall". It doesn't matter how long it takes you, all that matters is you do it with a smile on your face and you push through everything that is thrown at you with a positive attitude. If you do that, then you will be ok! This Blog is my "Happiness Project" with posts that will hopefully inspire others to start their own. When I am old and still happy, I can look back and see each brick, each adventure, each story, that have built me up to the person that I am.

People can change, and with each post you will witness my change. Our bodies and our minds are always changing - on a biological level and an emotional level. You have to believe that change can happen, or it never will. Once you have the idea in your head (whether it be positive or negative) you will take steps to make it happen. So stay on the positive side, and see where life will take you.

My Brick Road to Happiness using Positivity as my GPS

If you are new to my blog you are probably wondering why I am on such a detailed quest. But really all I would answer to that is why not. Growing up my favorite past time was reading, and that has continued into my adult life. Recently a lot of the books that have grabbed my attention have been about cognitive psychology and infusing happiness into your life. But as interesting as those books are, they never did make me any happier. I did feel smarter and was able to recognize situations that did not contribute to my happiness. Then I started reading more about the Law of Attraction. I have always been a believer in that philosophy and lifestyle, but had never done much research into the field. A lot of what I read on that focused on how you, and only you, are in charge of your feelings. As hard as other people may try to bring you down and make you cry, ultimately you are in control of how you feel. A good friend of mine loved to remind me of that every time I called her in tears. At the time it really used to bother me, with tears dripping down my face I would respond "no Sam, I can not just make my self happy right now, I am upset". Usually she would just get annoyed, tell me I was making myself feel crappy and hang up on me. Because of that I consider her an Amazing friend.

Being a believer in the Law of Attraction, I realised, I wasn't really practising or living the lifestyle. I was really just agreeing with it. So I took my friends advice and decided to start taking charge on my happiness and positivity level. I reread parts of The Secret, Thinking Fast and Slow and The Habit and that is where this all began. I also watched numerous times Will Smith's Inspiration videos on You Tube, those will never fail to motivate me. Once I was done reading though nothing had changed, maybe I was smarter, but I literally had to implement this into my life. I new then I had to make changes. Making changes in your life is hard, but as Will Smith says "Lay one brick at a time". I wanted to inspire my friends to join me, but I just sounded like a broken record player repeating quotes and passages from the books I had read. So here is my blog, for friends and hopefully others to keep track of my progress, and to join in with their own projects. I am sure many of these tasks and projects have been done before, as they are largely inspired by stories I have heard other people's ideas which I have tweaked. Now when I am having a conversation with someone who needs positivity injected into their lives, I can redirect them to my blog for proof, motivation and inspiration.

Two of my favorite Will Smith Video's