Dear Brittany
-Your wish is first as you are my sister and the first to recommend and read my blog

I wish you will always continue to see the good in people and that your nursing career will allow you to reside in many cool places - However you have to bring me with you....and Timbit. Helping people during and outside of work is an amazing quality.

Dear Natasha
-because I do not think you already know this

You are STUNNING and I hope one day you realize just how beautiful you are. If you look in the mirror and do not notice it, go back and look at your baby pictures they are so beyond cute. Boys will chase you.....let them. Your worth the chase. Oh ya, Camille, Brittany and I will require pre-approvals for all these boys BTW.

Dear Ric
-because a physic told me you would

I hope someday you find what it is your looking for it and it lasts a long time.

Dear Alex
-because the opinions and actions of your ex boyfriends, should not occupy space in your brain, it will only create negative energy

You are a tiny little ball of energy that many people, including myself have realized the value of having you in our lives. I am sorry for the people who did not realize in time, but happy because now I get more of you. Forget them, you know who they are and just be thankful for those who stick around when you need them.

Dear Mom 
-because if I could I would take away your ability to see negative things

We all know your road has been paved with many bumps along the way however from the outside your life seems pretty sweet. You may be facing an annoying challenge right now but you get to do it with Rob with the sun beating down on you while you pick grapefruits after picking up your fat expense cheque from a boss who loves you. Ignore the negative, cuddle up with Nala (Maple) and be thankful she does not smell like a dog.

Dear Dad
-because getting annoyed by the small things just is not worth it 

Brittany is never going to come home on time, Timbit seems like think your pillow is a toilet and sometimes I am too lazy to drive home. All 3 of us still love you, so much so that Brittany is willing to creme your ashy legs.....come on, thats love!

Dear Timbit 
-because you are the cutest dog ever

Stop crapping on my dads pillow.....It is just gross - Oh and thanks for lettings me squish you while I use you as a pillow

Dear Gina 
-because so many good things are happening for you right now

Some people have the ability to make you think FML. However I read somewhere that there are 7 Billion people on this earth, you should not let just one of them ruin your day or life. In the last month some many cool things have come into play for you - and there is one situation in particular that can be seen in two lights; Good or Bad. I see it as good! Thank God your rid of that negative force that made you cry....more then once! SMH

Dear Mya 
-because I am so jealous of you

Your in high school - I think this is where you will create some awesome memories. Parties, grades, skipping class, friends, dances, fights - all of it is one big memorable experience that I would definitely love to experience again. High school is a one of a kind experience, so do not wish it past, enjoy it, and invite me to a party! I think I can pass.

Oh ya, and your HOT, I love your selfies :) 

Dear Van
-because your not old.....yet

I dare you to leave your children at home for at least seven days and go on vacation. Yes they will be jealous, but so will I. Unless you are bringing me which is totally a great idea. Basically I think you should go any where that tequila is easily accessible. And try something that might generally be frowned upon, I will give you some great ideas in person :) 

Dear Sam
-because my first injection of positivity came from you....I needed a few but it finally stuck

I hope that a certain someone decides to take you with them next time they go off the map. Thankfully your patience was contagious and I am happy it is paying off for you.