Tuesday, August 13, 2013

12 Bricks to Happiness

Having only read the description and a few reviews of the book "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin, I was intrigued. Really it was the title that drew me in, even though I know better than to judge a book by its cover, let alone its title. I saw it in Chapters, quickly read the description on the back and the first page (that's my thing). As soon as l left, I went on Amazon

and read some mixed reviews. I knew just from that little bit of information that I needed to start a happiness project. Don't get me wrong, I lead a decent life - I have my own apartment, a good paying job (although somehow there is never enough money to buy more shoes) and I have amazing friends. You can tell by my last post that I just picked up a new hobby, and trying out recipes from other peoples cooking blogs has become a passion. But, and there is always a but - there are some parts of my life that were in need of a happiness takeover. Those are the parts that only your close friends can see, or sometimes nobody at all. The parts that you cover up with a smile when an acquaintance asks how you are doing, the parts that wine fixes and the parts that only really surface when your alone with your thoughts. So here is my Happiness project - to fix those parts, because no one wants those! So over the next year! Yes I said year, each bullet point will get filled in. Like I said in my previous post "Lay one brick at a time". So think of these points as my bricks, and I am laying them down month by month for a complete transformation. Each month I will do one of these bricks and report back how they helped contribute to my happiness. Some are small and some are real challenges. Suggestions are welcome as it is a working list.

PS - I bought the book on Amazon today - I chose the expedited shipping. Hopefully I haven't gotten this project wrong. 

The Yoga Challenge and Yoga Diet (as seen in the previous post)
60 days of consecutive yoga (Bikram and Moksha combined)

Divide up my time
Don't just stick to the 1-3 friends in my comfort zone. Make an effort to see all my friends, even if it just for a quick coffee. 

Stop trying to change situations for my wants and benefits
Accept each situation as it is presented - Pretend as if there is nothing as I can do but go with the flow

Be an early riser! Out of bed by 5:00am
I have to be up and at em by 5:15 am every morning, whether I am going to the gym or making a big breakfast and working on my finances.

30 acts of kindness
Each day I must complete one act of kindness that directly affects another person. 

No complaining
No complaining to myself or other people about situations, other people or things

Try Something New
Everyday I have to try something new. It could be food, an activity or a game. Just something I have never done before.

Cold Shower
I have read far to many benefits of taking a cold shower. So one month, I am going to challenge myself to make every shower, a cold one!

Be a Yes Girl
You know those days when friends call you and invite you out to what sounds like a boring party (half the time you find out later it was out of this world) - Well I will challenge myself to say yes to everything that is purposed to me. Like in the movie Yes Man. Of course I do have my limits - Dangerous things will be excluded.

Organize a Charity Event
Pretty self explanatory and time consuming, however it will create lots of happy memories and good vibes.

Make a Music Video and upload it
Choose a song, grab some friends, and recreate my favorite music video!  A glass of wine may be needed with this one

Back to Basics
Look back through your Facebook pictures, or an old album on your laptop or think back to your childhood. Take 3 things that made you really happy last year, three things from in the last 5 years and 3 more things from when you were a child. Do them all again this month! Everything from swinging on swings in a park with a popsicle to taking to many tequila shots and dancing on a table....kidding!

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