Thursday, August 15, 2013

Enhance Your Surroundings - Law of Attraction

These are some quotes that helped me further understand and implement the Law of Attraction. This is assuming you already know the fundamental principals. Keep in mind, I am currently in the process of implementation. I have always been a firm believer but it was not until recently that I was merely agreeing with the things I read instead of infusing them into my life. There is so many articles you can read to help you do you, however they can be complicated or not descriptive enough. The easiest was for me to understand it was to use the quotes that float around their fan pages and pull meaning from them. So here is my simplified version. These happen to be my favorite ones.

"Surround yourself with people who want what you have"
This one here is simple, but didn't at first seem necessary. I also wondered why would I have to do this, because not all the people in my life currently want what I have. As a matter of fact they seem to be on the same level as I am with what I currently have. It wasn't until I thought about that last sentence that I realised why I needed to surround myself with people that have what I am aiming for. I applied this concept to my life as it is now. My group of friends, we think a like, act a like and can sometimes finish each others thoughts if given the chance. In certain situations we may even have similar reactions. We hold similar jobs in terms of pay and the amount of extra curricular activities we do are about the same. This is not necessarily a bad thing, all it means is that we are all in the same mindset and are vibrationally aligned. This will make it harder for you to constantly be thinking and feeling the things it is you want out of life - which is a major aspect of the Law of Attraction. If you are constantly in the mindset of what you have now, nothing will ever change for you. So keeping this in mind try to surround yourself with people that have more then you and eventually you will become more vibrationally aligned with them, all of your thoughts and feelings will be directed towards what you want to achieve and you will start noticing these things appearing in your every day life.

"What ever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting....People who think about what they don't want attract more if the same"
"Happy Feelings attract Happy Circumstances" 
This is why I have employed my "Say yes to everything" strategy. So far it has gotten me into some really cool situations. I have ended up at parties I wasn't planning on attending - I was planning on staying home and staying sad - and I have also ended up surrounded by other happy people. I have inserted myself into situations where I knew I would have happy feelings, and life just took over from there with positive feelings and vibes. Think of it this way, have you ever been an okay to happy mood and gone to visit a friend who was just down in the dumps. How quickly did he or she ruin your happy vibe. Don't let that happen, surround yourself with the right people. And if one of your friends moods is feeling a little low, try to radiate your positiveness onto them, because they need it. Mood's are contagious so be careful!

"Once you let go of negative people, positive ones appear"
"Anger won't make your problems easier. Tears won't bring back what is gone. But a SMILE and GRATITUDE will make you stronger" 
Don't get me a wrong a good cry will sometimes make you feel better, I can not discount that. But what I do is try to limit myself. The Law of Attraction would not promote sitting around crying, but I am being realistic in saying that sometimes the tears just come. SO, what I do is say "Stephanie, you can feel crappy for the next two hours, but then the dishes must get done....with a smile". Believe it or not, that works for me....a glass of wine usually helps the process. My friend Sam that I mentioned in an earlier post - the one that hangs on me if I call her crying - limits herself to a 10 minute cry and then moves on with her life. Get it out and move right along is the way she approaches the situation. Do whatever works best for you, but keep in mind that spending to long with those thoughts and tears will actually do you know good. I just understand that sometimes you need to get it out. I am hoping to get to the point where that is no longer necessary - but lets be honest, a good cry, a glass of wine and an amazing book always leaves me feeling complete. You just have to know how to move on with positive thoughts after the tears and anger come.
"No one is in charge of your happiness but yourself"
Putting other people in control of your happiness should be seen as completely giving up. Aristotle would tell you to hang your head in shame if you were to do that. According to him the ultimate goal in life is achieve happiness, so why let someone else be in control of yours. Other people will try to greatly effect your happiness in a negative way, but like unwanted eyebrow hairs, pluck them out of your life
"A negative mind will never get you a positive life" 
"A good life is when you smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are for what you have"
"Be thankful for what you have, you have no idea how many people would love to have what you got"

You actually never know a lot of things. Like how a simple comment can greatly effect another person's day, or what is hiding behind the smile of the coworker that sits next to you or lastly, just how badly somebody might yearn for your appreciation or approval. So be thankful for what you do have, because not only will that attract more positive things into your life, but there is somebody out there who is dying to have exactly what you have. Gratitude will get you places, see how all these points interlock!

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